About The Facility

Liberty NC, SWD boasts a top of the line, reinforced concrete unloading station that is only 650′ from the paved highway. The road is built with 10″ compacted caliche on top of a solid rock foundation.

Unloading station located 650′ from the highway.

The unloading station has assemblies in place so that two trucks can simultaneously unload into a 10″ poly line. There is capacity in the system to install a third unloading assembly.

The facility has a newly renovated, insulated office with heating/air-conditioning, internet, and a separate storage area for supplies. The office is 150′ south of the unloading station.

Field Office

The 10″ line from the unloading station feeds into a 500 BBL Fiberglass Gun Barrel Tank. From there, water spills to 2 x 500 BBL Fiberglass Water Tanks and oil skims to 3 x 430 Steel Oil Tanks.

The Gun Barrel is a constant level vessel with water legs . It spills water to the two water tanks via a water leg. When the oil blanket gets thick enough, oil skims over to the oil system via an oil leg.

Fiberglass Water Tanks and Steel Oil Tanks

All tanks are set inside of a primary gravel-plastic lined containment berm. The entire battery sits inside of a secondary caliche containment berm.

The well has 5-1/2″ 17# casing with cement circulated to the surface. The tubing is 3-1/2″ interior plastic coated tubing. It is completed across 1,000′ of high permeable San Andres. The disposal well goes on a vacuum and can dispose +3,000 BBL/Day without additional head from a pump. This daily rate could be increased significantly with a triplex or H-pump.

Shelley 34 State #3

Regulatory information associated with the well may be viewed on the NMOCD’s website at https://wwwapps.emnrd.state.nm.us/ocd/ocdpermitting/Data/WellDetails.aspx?api=30-025-36432.

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