Liberty NC, SWD is a public SWB (Salt Water Disposal Well) that is for sale. The well and facility is:

  • Located 1.5 miles East of Monument, NM (5 miles South of the Carlsbad Highway)
  • Equipped with environmentally friendly oil skimming / storage system
  • Strategically positioned for anticipated development by major oil companies in a post-shale industry.

Pipeline Integration: Continuous blocks of State Land make the location ideal for integration into a pipeline disposal system that would service the produced water market for both conventional and unconventional wells to the Northwest.

Trucking: The facility’s concrete unloading station and connection to paved highways makes the facility ideal for vacuum truck operators interested in reducing their expenses and maximizing revenue from reclaimed oil.

If you are interested in purchasing a Permian SWD, an operator seeking disposal capacity, or seeking consulting services to maximize the success of your development strategies, then contact us at 806-401-5287 or (575)-631-8067.

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